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New Pictures

September 29, 2007

We’ve added a bunch of new photos to the Tenth Month Album!  I’ve been going a little crazy with our new camera now that we have memory for over 500 photos.


It’s back….

September 28, 2007

Talk about


Kyle: Lover of Animals

September 22, 2007

Here of some pictures of our trip to the zoo with Karon, Ashlyn, and Jaime!  Kyle LOVES animals so it was really fun.  He would squeal at them, scream too, laugh, and he was always interested (unless the animals didn’t ever move and then he didn’t really seem to notice).  His favorite was a small tan colored cat that he followed around the window of the cage and just laughed and laughed.

Tenth Month

Testing Our New Camera

September 19, 2007

We got our new camera in the mail!  It’s a Canon Powershot A550.  Brad had some trouble installing the drivers on our computer so we can download the pictures without removing the SD card, but he got everything working just in time for us to provide you with a ninth month file on Picasa. 

Ninth Month

The Media Room

September 19, 2007


We finished Home Improvement Project Number 3!  This time I painted our “media room”, the open area at the top of our stairs, gray (Apart from the red accent wall because it’s pretty much awesome).  I think I would actually have preferred to go darker than it is but Brad was worried our space would be too dark, he obviously didn’t see the episode on HGTV where they made the rockin gray media room!  It looks great though, and really covered up all the crayon marks and scrapes the last family left behind.  We also had our carpets cleaned today!  It’s like we have a new house!  There are lots of surprises for those of you who haven’t visited us in awhile.


Our Camera Broke…

September 9, 2007

…Or at least the memory card did.  And we found out it would cost around $60 to replace it, so we just bought a new camera (One that’ll take a nice SD card)!  So that’s why we haven’t had any good posts or pictures in awhile.  We’ll have to catch up when our new camera arrives!  We decided to take a few videos of Kyle just having fun and being cute so we at least have some documentation of his ninth month.  Take a look!

Ninth Month Videos

In the last month, Kyle has had a lot of visits from grandparents and his aunts.  He got lots of great new toys and a not so great new tooth.  We went swimming, to eat sushi, and on a trip to the Timpanogas caves with Karon and Ashlyn ( you can see a few pictures of the cave on Karon’s website).

We also used the video camera to catch an okay picture of our new tv, a glorious Sharp Aquos 37in lcd hdtv that we just love!