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Christmas Elves

November 29, 2007

Today we went with Karon and Brittney and kids back to Gardner Village to check out their Christmas Elves!  It was a great trip where I finished some Christmas shopping, showed off our new table we’re getting ordered, and took lots of pictures of Kyle.  He was the best model!  Unfortunately, Ashlyn was afraid of the elves so we didn’t get many group pictures.  The pictures are all in our new Twelfth Month album, along with the five whole pictures we took at Thanksgiving, and a couple of our Christmas tree.

Twelfth Month

Walking A Little

November 16, 2007

Kyle’s been taking a few steps here and there for the past couple of weeks!  Yay Kyle!  But he doesn’t do it on demand so this video was hard to come by, and unfortunately it was self-filmed and his legs are cut off!  I’m so foolish!  But I thought I might as well post it since all other attempts to catch him walking have been unsuccessful.  He sure is a fun little man!  I also added some new pictures to his eleventh month album, mostly of Kyle getting in things. 🙂


This Kid and Getting Into Stuff!

November 7, 2007

So I’m pretty sure that Kyle has started spending a fifth of his day in our magazine basket.  He’s recently taken to sitting in his toy basket too.  Tonight, Brad and I were on the computer, and when we went to check on Kyle, he had almost emptied my dresser drawer and filled it with…you guessed it, himself.
img_0460.jpg  img_0462.jpg


The Big One

November 2, 2007

So, there has been a ton of talk lately, (especially at work, for me), about Utah’s Referendum 1, and all this school voucher business.  For whatever reason, I have been really interested in hearing everyone’s views on the subject, so I thought I’d post hear to get some more responses. 

 For reference:

The Bill

 “Impartial Analysis”

I have read through most of the bill itself, but not the impartial analysis.  I have included it because I have heard elsewhere that it is pretty good.  Just to get things started, I lean in favor of the referendum.  I like that it creates more money per student in the public schools (at least for five years) and think there’s something to be said for creating competition.  I think there is a lot of misinformation about the negative impacts of the bill, but there are also lots of good arguments against it as well.

 Anyway, I’ve seen that this can become a hot button issue sometimes, so let’s keep things civil.  Just looking for some interesting conversation, not a grudge match. 🙂