First Day of School!

September 22, 2013

I’ve done a poor job of posting these last couple of months.  Is it the same for anyone else that your life has this balance and something really little (like my camera running out of batteries) can throw things off (posting pictures on the website) for a long time, even though it seems like such an easy simple thing to do (put new batteries in the camera), but it was just beyond that threshold?  Well, that’s how it is with me!  So I only have a few pictures from all of August and they’re of Kyle’s first day of school.

His teachers are Ms Anderson and Ms Holly.  And Ms East is his reading and math teacher.  I think he loves 1st grade more than kindergarten because he has more time at school so they aren’t cramming everything in like in kindergarten, and they spend more time at music and doing art…things like that.  We’re also carpooling with Paxton, one of his best friends at school, and I think he loves that!


Click the picture for 1st day of school album!


One comment

  1. Glad you got your batteries!! Love the pictures – and you alllll, too!

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