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Iron Man

February 16, 2009

Kyle: George?
Me: Sorry Kyle, Curious George isn’t on on weekends.
Kyle: Iron Man?

In related news, Brad has taught Kyle how he can become Iron Man simply by putting a toilet paper roll on his arm and making shooting noises.  The end of a roll of toilet paper has become an exciting time at our house!


Closet Organization

February 2, 2009

One of my goals for this year is to get our house organized.  It’s no secret to people who live in Loch Lomond that a big negative of most of the houses is lack of storage space.  Our first step is the yellow room, where Kyle will move sometime this summer and we started with a closet organizing system.  So we installed it this weekend, and I think it’ll be great for our needs (Kyle’s clothes and some toys).  Brad thinks it looks cheap and likes the original closet better.  We need honest opinions from our readers about our closet so here is a picture of each, Please let us know what you think: