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New Videos and News

March 29, 2007

Here are some new videos of Kyle.

Also, we signed the papers for our house!  Don’t forget to come help us move tomorrow!  =D


My Quest for a Wii

March 28, 2007

Nintendo Wii

Contrary to the norm, nobody knows that I plan on getting Brad a Nintendo Wii for his birthday….except for Brad.  I don’t know why people say girls are hard to shop for when guys want the things that are perpetually sold out!  So I’ve been keeping a close watch on, a really cool website that tells you when online stores have popular video game systems in stock and it told me on Saturday that our local Circuit City had Wiis in stock.  And here begins my rant: So I run to Circuit City and ask for a Wii and they tell me that they have them in stock but aren’t selling them until Monday.  They said that if I come as soon as they open at 10, I’ll probably get one.  So I one-upped them and went at 8:30 after I dropped Brad off at work and I was the third person there.  “Great!” I thought, “I’ll get one for sure!”  So I try to entertain Kyle for an hour and a half from the back seat of our car until a line starts to form outside the door.  This is when it starts circulating that Circuit City actually gave out special tickets to a bunch of people who were there even earlier so they could buy a Wii if they came back before noon.  Well this was a horrible shock!  So when the doors open, this other girl who came right after me and was waiting with her 3 year old son, and I went and talked to the manager.  He said we should have known we wouldn’t get one because there was a sign on the door saying they were temporarily out of Wiis, and we were like, “Oh, how stupid of us to not know that your sign meant, we aren’t really out of Wiis, you just can’t have one, instead of thinking that the sign referred to the last three weeks when you were actually out of stock!”  Then this woman with one of the special tickets interjects and with a whole bunch of attitude says, “you should have come earlier, I was here at seven!” then turns to the cashier who was ringing her up and says really loudly, “I just hate it when people yell at you employees because they didn’t come early enough, they are such poor losers, and there’s not anything you guys can do about it.”  Now I wasn’t yelling at the manager before, and this made me angry because what in the world?!?  She must have really sacrificed coming at seven and waiting a half hour to get a special ticket, then going home to sleep and take a shower while we were waiting outside with our 3 month and 3 year old kids for an hour and a half because we didn’t know that everyone who was going to get a wii was at home or out to breakfast!!!!  At least if there had been a line out front, we would have known that our chances of getting a wii were slim and we could decide what to do accordingly.  So my search continues for that elusive wii.  Maybe Brad will go through Hades for one of my gifts someday.


Same Old Stuff

March 22, 2007

Well, Tiffany was just saying today, if you ask us what’s new in our life, we basically have two things to say, “We have a baby” and “We hope to be buying a house”.  So, here is yet another little tidbit on Kyle.  Just a video we took last week.  Nothing spectacular, except for the little boy featured in it.


Picasa Update

March 14, 2007

No, Picasa itself hasn’t been updated.  I’ve just uploaded a ton more pictures there.  If you didn’t think you could get enough pictures of Kyle, here’s the way to find out.



March 12, 2007

My Videos

We just uploaded three videos onto Picasa.  We had an inspection today of our house and got a video of the interior.  The other two are of Kyle’s tricks.






I Hate House Hunting!

March 12, 2007

Nothing devastating happened.  I just wanted to say that.



March 10, 2007

So, I just got us Google’s product Picasa today.  (I say “product”, but it’s free.)  It’s a tool for managing your photos and other media as well as manipulating them, I believe.  I’m honestly just starting to learn what all it can do.  The main reason I got it, however, is that I believe it will be a good way to get photos of Kyle out on the web and accessible to others.  If you click the picture above, it should link you to its entry in a Picasa web album.  From there, you can go the album I just uploaded that contains the SEVEN pictures we’ve taken of Kyle in this, his third month of life.  🙂