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New Addition

December 15, 2012

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post!  I couldn’t look at our website at all for months because the first thing I’d see is a reminder of pregnancy followed by a picture of food and that’s a really nasty combination for someone in the throws of morning sickness.  But I’m twenty weeks today, not on meds for morning sickness anymore, and I only throw up about three times a week! (yay?)  so it was high time I posted about our newest addition:

Meet the Odyssey.


Goodbye sweet, sweet savings!  This may sound weird to some people, but Brad and I were so very not excited to get a new (to us) car.  For me, this is 2-3 international vacations I had to say goodbye to!  But clearly our up and coming family of six wont fit in our compacts anymore!

And it seems like a great car!  It has a lot of perks that we’re finding really nifty!…temperature control down to the degree, skylight, our keyless entry also automatically opens the back sliding doors, optional eighth seat that stores in the floor, six disc cd player,  radio control from the steering wheel, leather seats and seat warmers, all weather mats…  We’re being spoiled in ways we’ve never experienced!

Oh….what was that?  I’m twenty weeks, been awol for months, and all I have to talk about is a freaking car?!!!

Well it’s still a party with two healthy baby twins and…

Baby Boy Picture Cards


Baby Girl Picture Cards

Little girl was all wiggles!  Sometimes it seemed like little boy would only move to get his face mashed back into the placenta….seriously.  “What the?!  Mama’s moving around so they can get better pictures of my face?!  Where’s that lovely placenta?  Where?  where? Aaaaaahhhh.  That’s the stuff.”