Dog Days

July 21, 2013


Magically, these babies became three months old!  When did that happen?! (click on the photo for our July Album)

We had a really great Saturday celebrating Tracy’s birthday at one of my new favorite places around here and it made me think it was about time to download all of our photos from July so far.  There’s a park behind Lone Peak High School with a lake/pond for fishing, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding…with trees and a stream and a playground and grassy areas.  It was the first time I’d been there and that taste of nature and especially trees and that very playable stream just won me over!  I love that Tracy has birthday parties, and I especially loved this year’s!

I’ve continued to successfully accomplish my goal this month!

Week 1: We went to a splash pad and made bird houses!  (actually, our hot water heater went bad (boo) and Brad worked from home while we had it replaced so he made the bird house with them.  It still counts!)

Week 2: We went to Tracy Aviary and took apart a radio to see what was inside!

Week 3: We went to Wheeler Farm and made boats for sailing at Tracy’s party!

It’s been a particularly good month!  We’ve also booked our vacation rental for a nice, big, trip next June to…..Hawaii!

And, we’re starting to gear up for school in less than a month!  Eek!  We’re starting to accumulate the lunch boxes, waterbottles, a uniform attire.  We’re looking forward to finding out about Kyle’s teacher and school supplies in less than two weeks!



  1. Oooohh think of the shave ice!! I better come with you.

  2. What a great month! And we also had fourth of July fun, a Peterson family reunion, another session of swimming lessons for the boys, not to mention a stomach virus and a couple of injuries. You have been very busy.

  3. Why did someone tie a wire around Claire’s foot?

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