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Cute Things Kyle Has Said Lately

January 26, 2010

K: Nice song mommy!
T: Thanks Kyle! It’s about how I think you’re awesome!
K: Oh mom, Spiderman’s awesome too.

K: What is that lady doing?
T: She’s helping us because that’s what she does for work. Everybody works to help each other. Daddy works and helps people, then they give him money so we can buy the things we want and need.
K: Does Ashlyn’s daddy work?
T: Yup, lots of daddys work
K: And me and you just go to stores.

K: I’m happy when it’s raining.
T: That’s awesome Kyle! It’s good to be happy.
K: Yeah, I’m happy for raining…..parachuting…….trains


I’m the Most OCD Nester Ever!

January 23, 2010

Look! I tagged this under a new category called “Joel”. Yay!

I don’t feel like I nested a lot with Kyle, it was like little by little we would accumulate what we needed, wash them, put batteries in them, and then be done, but man Joel, what are you doing to me? Buy ridiculous amounts of batteries? yup, that’s me (and I’m particularly feeling the absence of “C” batteries this morning, and by absence, I mean we have at least five), lightbulbs of all shapes and sizes?….check. AND, I’m pretty sure I afflicted my family with a really moody night last week caused by lack of organization for said lightbulbs and batteries. I’ve moved on to ridiculous amounts of toilet paper and laundry detergent. Do all of our hangars suddenly need to be uniform? You bet.




January 21, 2010

Kyle just finished his last Itty Bitty Basketball class today! It was a really eye opening experience….for me. It was tough to watch my little son try to deal with being thrown into an unfamiliar situation with nobody he knew and it brought out some of the shyness in him for sure!   He didn’t like the first couple days at all until a boy named Tanner took him under his wing and he felt like he had a friend. Also, Kyle was definitely one of the youngest, the barely three year old in the 3-4 year old class.  I totally felt for him, and I’m proud of him for perservering.  So it was a good and a bad time.   Here are some videos of Kyle playing basketball.


While we’re at it, I have our Christmas morning video too!

Christmas 09

Look at Our Pretty New Kitchen!

January 2, 2010