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My Family is Funny

August 22, 2010

Kyle Got himself dressed for Church today.

Also,  Brad never gets mad at me, even when I think I deserve it…that is until yesterday when Brad was maybe the most upset I’ve ever seen him.  What did I do?  I cored 4 garden tomatoes!  When he saw that little pile of tomato innards in sink, he was so mad!  I couldn’t help but laugh at him in his emotion.  It’s just so hilarious and so like him.  Of course Brad would get mad over tomatoes.

Here’s Brad’s version:  I made a horrible mistake and he was rightly incensed about it.  He also thinks I should include one of his analogies so here goes:  It was like I wanted to make soup so I grab some corn from our garden, take off the kernels and throw them away and throw the cob in the pot of soup.  Shame on me!

And he’s totally passing on his love of computers to the kids.

Six months is not too young to start!

Here’s another Kyle thing:  When he wants something, he’ll usually not ask for it directly.  Say he wants a Red Vine so he says, “Mom, I feel like something red and stringy”  then when you say, “you want a Red Vine?”  He’ll light up and act like you offered it to him.


Look At Me!

August 16, 2010

I canned pickles!

How new and different! (I’ve never canned before)….how random!  I always thought my first canning experience would be with peaches or jam or something.   But I was introduced to Bountiful Baskets by Jeanne Marie and Crystal, an awesome produce co-op where you opt in weekly for $15 and receive pretty much a laundry basket full of produce, half fruit and half veggies.  Apart from being a good deal and helping our family to eat healthy, I love Bountiful Baskets for the “iron chef”  aspect of it.  It’s exciting to see what I’ll have to work with the following week and plan our meals around the produce.  I”ve made lots of recipes I would never have tried had I not had the produce on hand including, stuffed red peppers, bruschetta, rigatoni with eggplant puree….and this last week I look in the basket and what the pickling cucumbers?!? So I canned pickles and I’m proud of them.  Although we’ll have to wait three weeks to see if it was a success.


We got a new video camera

August 1, 2010

Our old video camera broke, so we got a new one because it was cheaper than repairing the old one.  It’s one of those little handheld jobbies about the size of a cell phone.  As a result, I now have a long overdue video of Joel to share.  The camera actually takes very nice video, but I’ve scaled it way down here for sharing online.