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Overheard at Family Home Evening…

July 27, 2009

Kyle: Daddy, what’s that?

Me: That’s the idolatrous priest of Elkenah attempting to offer up Abraham as a sacrifice.

Kyle: Oh.


Had an Ultrasound and it’s official, we’re having….

July 15, 2009

An Aquarius!







Due February 7th, 2010


Celebrating Independence

July 4, 2009

So, Kyle doesn’t sleep like he used to.  (He was awesome up to about four months old.)  Most of the time he’s still pretty good, but sometimes he just seems bent on getting up time after time after time.  When things start to get desperate, we will resort to physical barriers to discourage getting up.  In a word (or two?): baby-gate.

Last night, though, for the first time to my knowledge, Kyle realized that he is not quite a baby and, therefore, is capable of climbing right over this little puppy.  Dang.  Well, since it was the first time he’d ever done it, I thought raising the bar a bit might be enough to hold him off for now.  Thus we have:

Now, perhaps you look at that picture and immediately see the flaw.  Don’t get me wrong, I did too.  But I thought, maybe, just MAYBE, Kyle wouldn’t.  I went to my computer, and a minute later I heard some grunting.  I came back and was not at all surprised to see Kyle’s head and shoulders (but not knees and toes) squirming beneath the gate.  Shucks.  All right; how about a happy medium?

With the subterranean route out of the question, Kyle simply went back to his overland route, hopping over this new obstacle in moments.  Grrrrr.  So, now I’m getting really annoyed.  It’s late; it’s about Kyle’s twelfth time getting out of bed; and I don’t know what to do.  Or do I?  It will be a pain, but…… it just might work:

Looking at my work, I half smile.  This will certainly hold him.  Of course, now even I can’t through the door.  When he inevitably screams his head off in a few minutes, I’ll have to take the top gate down to go and in comfort him, but at least it will buy me a little time.  I leave the room, only to hear that telltale grunting a few moments later.  “Oh wow,” I thought, “he’s trying to squeeze under it again, isn’t he?”  I walked over to see his efforts and arrived just in time to…… catch him as he hurled his body OVER the top gate!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  The little rascal.  It was at this point that I told Tiffany the whole story and removed all the useless gates.  I guess we’ll have to try reasoning with him or something.  😦

So anyway, yeah, happy Independence Day!