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Kyle Models Our New Bed!

May 27, 2008

Brad and I split the stimulus tax refund between us.  He’s getting a pretty fancy new computer, and I got a new bed frame and bedding!  This purchase has satisfied me more than almost any I’ve ever made.  It’s about time we made the bedroom a place to enjoy!  We’ll have to look into nightstands and dressers later, we just have the bed now, but it’s a good start!


I’m an American Girl

May 27, 2008

Brad might cringe when he sees this post, but I LOVE American Girl Dolls!  I grew up with Felicity and Samantha, and I’m thinking, once a fan, always a fan.  That’s why I dragged Brad into the American Girls Store on Fifth Avenue when we were in New York where I saw their newest historical character, Julie, from the 1970s.  I love love love her!  I think she’s awesome!  Even as an adult, if I received her for Christmas, I would be one happy girl.  Isn’t she just divine?


The Dude in DC

May 25, 2008

We’re back from our trip to DC/New York!  We just got back around four this afternoon.  We had the best time!  The Kecks were all so helpful with Kyle that Brad and I really got a break from parenting, even when we weren’t hours away in New York!  We took advantage of free babysitting to see Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones, and Iron Man!  We loved playing euchre and croquet and bocce ball.  And I got to read Freakonomics which was excellent and I’d been wanting to read it for some time!  Kyle loves his grandparents, especially his grandpa!  It was really cute!  We loved loved loved our trip!  I decided that the best way to tell about all the great things we did is to do it with captions on the pictures in Picasa, so don’t think I’m leaving you hanging about our trip!  Just check out our web album and all the things I wrote there.

DC Trip

New Pics

May 13, 2008

I was emptying the camera today to prepare for our trip to DC/New York City tomorrow!  Enjoy our new album!  See you in a couple weeks!

17th Month