Our Camera Broke…

September 9, 2007

…Or at least the memory card did.  And we found out it would cost around $60 to replace it, so we just bought a new camera (One that’ll take a nice SD card)!  So that’s why we haven’t had any good posts or pictures in awhile.  We’ll have to catch up when our new camera arrives!  We decided to take a few videos of Kyle just having fun and being cute so we at least have some documentation of his ninth month.  Take a look!

Ninth Month Videos

In the last month, Kyle has had a lot of visits from grandparents and his aunts.  He got lots of great new toys and a not so great new tooth.  We went swimming, to eat sushi, and on a trip to the Timpanogas caves with Karon and Ashlyn ( you can see a few pictures of the cave on Karon’s website).

We also used the video camera to catch an okay picture of our new tv, a glorious Sharp Aquos 37in lcd hdtv that we just love!



  1. WOW nice tv, good choice.

  2. Thanks. 🙂

  3. even though I get to see Kyle in person, I love new videos. Thanks for updating.

  4. That TV is much hotter than the last one 🙂

  5. Hey Tiff…I like the term “not so great new tooth.” Does he bite you? Yeah…Megan has four teeth and decided that a great time to practice using those teeth was while nursing. Well, she bit me all too often and so I flicked her…and she weaned herself from nursing right then and there. Rough. She has since refused to even contemplate nursing. So…I also think new teeth aren’t so great. In other news, you guys should come visit us in Seattle. Just do it.

  6. Hey, speaking of which, have you guys thought about coming to see US in Portland around Christmas?

  7. greate hdtv

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