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2011-Year of the Backyard Renovation

April 25, 2011

For years I’ve hated our backyard.  It’s not like it wasn’t taken care of before, but it never really worked for US.  This is the year, I’ve decided, that we put in the time and effort to make it 1. What we want and 2. Easy to take care of.  We started by adding a climbing dome for the kids!  I love it so much!  It’s the perfect outdoor toy for us.  Swings would have hit the fence….Kyle is getting a little old for the plastic step two or fisher price ones…the tree house one’s are like $2000 dollars…a trampoline, well that would have been cool, but we could in theory still get one and put it on the grass…and I don’t know anyone else who owns a toy like this so the kids’ friends might be excited to play on it since it’s new and different.  I already feel more at peace with our yard!

Here’s our Picasa album from Easter:

April 2011

What?!?!  I never posted Christmas pictures?

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