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Christmas Pics

December 31, 2009
December 09

Our sort of sketchy nativity

December 29, 2009

So we weren’t planning on acting out a nativity this year, I mean, there’s just the three of us so we decided to forego the nativity, and sing Christmas Carols and watch The King is Born (an animated story of the nativity) on youtube.  Kyle got so excited about The King is Born, though, that right after, he wanted to play nativity.  Here’s how it went…

K: We have to hide baby Jesus from the soldiers!  (throw a blanket on top of everybody)

K: Wait, we need a baby Jesus… (go looking for a baby jesus, come back with a black halloween straw that has a jack-0-lantern on it) Mommy, you be Mary and hold baby Jesus

M: Okay

K: And me and daddy will bring presents for the baby jesus (we’re still under the blanket hiding from soldiers)

D: What present are you bringing for baby jesus?

K: I’m bringing the bottle.  Wait!  I’m going to go get a present!  (goes looking for a present, comes back with a pair of roller skates and gives them to baby Jesus…we’re still under the blanket)

K: We have to hide from King Tricket (we told him Herod, but he’d always agree with us and keep saying Tricket) and the soldiers!  Wait!  I’m going to protect baby Jesus from the soldiers! (takes the roller skates and starts throwing them on the floor)

M: What are you doing, Kyle?

K: I’m throwing Chicken Kings at the soldiers!

And then Kyle left to play with his sword.

The End

Here’s Kyle with his baby Jesus…

In other nativity related news, Kyle says that if there’s no room for Jesus at the Inn, he can stay in our hotel with us at Disney World.


It’s the Holiday Season

December 14, 2009

Look at us being so holiday spirited!