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Girls Camp! I think I nailed it….

July 3, 2012

I’ve been waiting to get more pictures from other leaders because my camera ran out of batteries for all of Tuesday which was our coolest day of all, but I haven’t gotten them yet and I figured if I’m ever going to write about girls camp, now’s the time.

So girls camp….apart from the obligatory drama, a new infamous hike, and flies ruining a third of the dinner on Bishopric night, IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!

Here are a few of our girls in their shirts for the camp pic. And one of our cabins before they were destroyed!  Look at the awesome pennant banners!  The ward used them on the float for the Lehi roundup parade when we were done!  Bonus!

Look at these great journals we did for a craft! They were really easy and nice!

On monday after we got settled in, we made journals to use at camp, had a wonderful Golden Hour where Susan talked about the 2012 mutual theme “Arise and Shine Forth”, Did some certification, and had an awesome FHE where our YCLs did this skit, and we used Mystical Fire when they say, “Super Value Heroes Unite!” to make the fire all rainbow-y like the value colors….it was so so cool!  Then we played the night game, “statues” in a cabin til lights out.

Did I mention that Mike and Jackie Warner came up and taught photography? Because they did and it was really wonderful!

On Tuesday I didn’t have my camera and that’s when we did the ropes course! It was a blast of course! Everyone loved it! And everyone got to do the high course activity which was a giant swing!  Elise did a wonderful Golden Hour on “Aspire Higher” (the temple), we did skits which are always priceless (McKenna’s kick-a granny and Jazmine’s blues singer were my favorites), and more certification.

One thing about certification: Traci nailed it! She made it really smooth, fun, and hands on! Here are some of the girls fireproofing matches by dipping them in wax

Another thing about certification: Our YCLs, who taught most of the skills, nailed it! I was so so impressed from what I saw of their teaching!

On tuesday, there was a LOT of wind!  We were under fire restriction because of it and spent a good amount of time that night in the cabin playing Mafia.  We ended every night with a musical fireside that was led by a YCL.

Wednesday was the hike of doom! But first we had this great lecture on flora and fauna.  This guy killed us with awesomeness!  He told this story about how he saved a drowning ground squirrel, literally gave it chest compressions, then hung out with it in the boat while he went fishing!

We did a service project of cleaning cabin windows and putting screens on them, then we did an orienteering treasure hunt, Traci did Golden Hour on “When the world brings you down, remember you were meant to fly” and we left on the hike.

We did something called Trailblazing which is wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I went ahead with two YCLs, Taylor and Carmen, and we marked the way for the rest of the group.  We left signs showing the way, which also broke up the hike and made it interesting.  They made the girls do the chicken dance, find hidden capri suns, act electrocuted when someone sneezed, hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”,…just fun things like that.

Look! Here’s one of the signs! The picture is from the 2012 Mutual Theme song music video, which is so great it makes you cry and want to watch it a lot of times! And it just fit so great with what we wanted to do. We had the girls watch it before leaving camp on the hike.

Look! a rainbow ring around the sun!

Now, in theory this hike should have been super cool, but I had never been on the hike before, just mapped it out, and the distances they gave us on the map seem to be deceiving. I wanted a four mile hike. Taylor, Carmen, and I ended up doing 6.3 miles! AND they were on cliffs! WITH an unusual amount of climbing a mountain! The main group of girls didn’t even make it half way before taking a detour back to camp. I still had a lot of fun with Taylor and Carmen (and Brad was there too) though, and we made it back to camp well before the main group despite their shortcut!

On Thursday we painted nature. It was a really nice activity.

We saw a huge owl in her nest!

We went canoeing!

I did the golden hour on Thursday on 100 years of Girls camp…I think I nailed it!

Here’s one of our crafts! We just had different things they could choose from during free time. Designing bandanas with bleach pens was most popular. They could also make really neat braided headbands. We had flower clips they could make as a service project for the developmental center.

We had a mock disaster, Hunger Games style, that I would have loved to see but I missed because I had to go down to Heber and get more food after the fly fiasco. The girls had to use their first aid know-how to treat tracker jacker stings, a girl who ate nightlock berries,…things like that.

Bishopric night was wonderful!  We had a great testimony meeting!

And that’s the story of camp!