Kyle: Lover of Animals

September 22, 2007

Here of some pictures of our trip to the zoo with Karon, Ashlyn, and Jaime!  Kyle LOVES animals so it was really fun.  He would squeal at them, scream too, laugh, and he was always interested (unless the animals didn’t ever move and then he didn’t really seem to notice).  His favorite was a small tan colored cat that he followed around the window of the cage and just laughed and laughed.

Tenth Month


  1. I am commenting from the USO in the Denver Airport. It is very nice. It makes me thankful to have a soldier for a husband. The pictures of the zoo are great. I miss Kyle so much already! Keep the pictures and videos coming. (I miss Brad and Tiffany too.)

  2. Tiffany, your baby is so cute. I haven’t talked to you guys in a while I hope all is going well.

    Jennifer Hays

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