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Thoughts of the Day

April 16, 2010

So here’s the thing, I keep seeing people complaining on facebook about the new healthcare bill, saying things like “free health care, here I come”  or posting things about socialism, and I keep thinking to myself, am I crazy?  Is there something in the bill I’m missing?  Because according to what I read, it doesn’t seem free and it doesn’t seem like socialism,  and in fact, it doesn’t seem so bad. 

Tax credits for people who pay over $6500 in premiums (does $6500 equal free?  Oh, and holy cow, I do not begrudge people their tax credits if they are paying over $500 a month for their health plan)

Penalties for companies that have over 50 employees and don’t offer health care

College aged kids can stay on their parents’ health plans

New tax on tanning salons

Cap on deductibles and co-payments at 30% of total cost

New insurance pools for people with pre-existing conditions

Manditory coverage for immunizations and preventative care for kids

and other not very threatening things

 Actually, according to this , it seems like nothing will change in my healthcare situation, unless I get some unforeseen backlash from the commercial/industrial sector which from what I read on the Christian Science Monitor seems sort of nebulous, and my taxes wont even go up!  So, if you happen to know more than I do about the bill, please inform me because for reals, I look at all this complaining on facebook and wonder if these people even know what’s in the bill.

On a different note, does anyone else think that when a person calls you “chica”, they aren’t really your friend and even might have forgotten your name?

Because I do.

Love  Tiff


“I Never Seen a Super Hero Lay Eggs!” -Kyle

April 8, 2010

That quote was definitely one of the highlights of our Easter here.

Another highlight: When Kyle hid eggs for Brad to do an Easter egg hunt.  Three eggs behind kimberly’s foot, two eggs under his batman car, and two eggs inside the Pooh car made for some tough hiding places! 😉

April 2010

I finished up the March Album too.