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December: Who We Lost and What I Found

February 6, 2014

IMG_0144When I was looking for a picture I realized we never posted our pictures of Erica’s wedding!  It boggles my mind but I’ve scoured this blog and our picasa and I think it went undone.  I was too playing catch up and then became very pregnant and went MIA.  So click that picture and enjoy!

In December we lost Josh and thinking back on it, I don’t want to talk about what happened and I don’t know what I’d even say…needless to say, we were not alright.

Apart from the fact that he’s our brother/uncle and we love him, I selfishly mourn for my boys because he gave them some things that I cannot which is first, an energetic playmate! and second, an incredible example of what Priesthood and service are all about.  I would thank my lucky stars if some of his goodness rubbed off on these kiddies of mine!

I spent a lot of time over the holiday season, I guess you could call it meditating.  I was searching for peace in these trying times.  I listened to Candlelight Carol a lot while picturing the nativity:

“Candlelight, Angel light, fire light and star glow shine on his cradle til breaking of dawn”  It’s such beautiful imagery.  I’d picture a crisp night, dark blue, shining stars, and all the miracles and just…life…that surrounded the birth of the Savior.  I pondered on the scripture, “unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given” and thought about all the meaning it held for our family this year, on the one hand because we were leaning so much on the Savior and all He means to us now and forever, and on the other hand because of our tiny nephew, Logan, who was given to us, to bless Erica and all our family in this time.

And this is what I can say happened to my Christmas this year: was it festive?  Not really.   Cheerful? Joyful?  Not a lot.  Full of parties and fun times?  Nope, not really.  But it was full of Peace.  The Prince of Peace touched my life this holiday season and made Christmas extra special because I felt the true meaning of this holiday very powerfully in my life this year and the Spirit spoke peace to my soul.  And that’s what I found in the midst of all we lost.


Hill Aerospace Museum

February 5, 2014

On our way home from Thanksgiving in Logan this year, we decided to pull over and take an impromptu trip to the Hill Aerospace Museum AND WOW, that is a great place, and free!  It is without question a fabulous asset to our state and we will be going back!

IMG_0929IMG_0931They had so many planes from so many eras!  They had exhibits on POW camps, WWII, life back home, and I saw no less than four nuke casings!  It blew my mind!

Click the picture for our November 2013 album:



Spooky Scary

November 2, 2013

I finished up our October Album!  It’s actually a really good one because we did some fun and interesting things this month!  We went to the Planetarium, on a hike, to Spooky Saturday at the Dinosaur Museum, and Barnyard Boo at the Thanksgiving Point Farm!  Then there’s Halloween of course!


October 2013 Album



September 22, 2013

Here are pictures of our cute kiddies in September!

These little twins are 5 month old!  Evan was diagnosed with Torticolis at the 4 month appointment.  It means one of the muscles in his neck is particularly stiff and it happens a lot with twins because there’s not as much space in the womb.  He favors his left side so we have to try to get him to turn right.  It’s gotten much better, but his head is still mishapen from favoring the left so stay tuned to see if he needs one of those baby helmets of doom…

We have some pictures in the album from their first solids!


Click the pic for the album!

We just booked our next big trip!  Now that we have 4 kids, it’s harder to ask someone to watch all of them, and I want my kids to love to travel as well, so we’re packing up our big, bulky family and going to Hawaii next June!  We’ll spend 2 weeks on the big island.  We have our condo and flights all lined up!  Now we just have to wait in anticipation!


Dog Days

July 21, 2013


Magically, these babies became three months old!  When did that happen?! (click on the photo for our July Album)

We had a really great Saturday celebrating Tracy’s birthday at one of my new favorite places around here and it made me think it was about time to download all of our photos from July so far.  There’s a park behind Lone Peak High School with a lake/pond for fishing, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding…with trees and a stream and a playground and grassy areas.  It was the first time I’d been there and that taste of nature and especially trees and that very playable stream just won me over!  I love that Tracy has birthday parties, and I especially loved this year’s!

I’ve continued to successfully accomplish my goal this month!

Week 1: We went to a splash pad and made bird houses!  (actually, our hot water heater went bad (boo) and Brad worked from home while we had it replaced so he made the bird house with them.  It still counts!)

Week 2: We went to Tracy Aviary and took apart a radio to see what was inside!

Week 3: We went to Wheeler Farm and made boats for sailing at Tracy’s party!

It’s been a particularly good month!  We’ve also booked our vacation rental for a nice, big, trip next June to…..Hawaii!

And, we’re starting to gear up for school in less than a month!  Eek!  We’re starting to accumulate the lunch boxes, waterbottles, a uniform attire.  We’re looking forward to finding out about Kyle’s teacher and school supplies in less than two weeks!


End of June

June 30, 2013

I finished up our June Album with lots of new pictures!  So far I’ve been able to successfully accomplish my goal of one craft and one outing per week!

Week 1: We made dirt cups and went to the aquarium!

Week 2: We made sun catchers and went to Chuck e Cheese!

Week 3: We made star lanterns and went to the zoo!

Week 4: We made collecting boxes and went collecting in the canyon!

I feel it’s a victory for moms of newborn twins everywhere!

Check out our cute pics!

June 2013 Album

June 2013 Album


Cool Pics

June 9, 2013

I finally got around to taking photos off the camera!

In the May album you can look forward to: Evan’s first bath! (he loved it!), Claire’s first bath! (she hated it…still does), a bunch of pictures of Claire in my favorite outfit of hers (from Melissa), and Kyle’s kindergarten graduation!

May 2013 Album

Don’t hold me to it, but I feel like it’d be so easy to fall into the sit at home taking care of babies trap, and who could blame me? But to make for a more fun summer for Kyle and Joel, I made a goal of one fun excursion per week and one craft per week. I think…I hope…I can manage that….right?

So in the June album (so far) you can look forward to: our trip to the aquarium (why yes I did take all four kids by myself! yay me!…well, and then Tracy came!), our craft of the week (dirt cups), and playing with bows with Claire

June 2013 Album

June 2013 Album