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Not Tonight Honey, I’m on the Ragnar

June 18, 2012

Brad and I did Ragnar together this year!  He was runner #1.  The LONGEST run in the race!  He ran a total of 21.1 miles and he killed it!  I am so impressed by his running!  I think he’s a born runner.  He’s suffering massive post Ragnar pains, though. 

Look How Sexy!

I was runner 5, a relatively short run with *thank goodness!* two easy legs at the end.  However, I had a MONSTER of a leg at the beginning, arguably the hardest single leg in our van.  It is such a beast of a leg that Ragnar named it, “What the Hill?”

Yup, that’s 7.8 miles of uphill madness over dirt roads that the cars are driving on too. You wouldn’t believe the amount of dirt I had to get out of my nose!

Like you can really take a Ragnar picture WITHOUT honey buckets in the background!

The exchange at the end of mine is so small and crowded that you can’t linger and stretch. I literally fell into the van and they were off!

Our team was Sweat and Sparkle and we placed 481 out of 800 teams with a time of 34:03:20.4.  This year’s race was 197 miles from Logan to Park City

We had a start time of 5am on friday morning and had to be there around 3:30am, so our van made the trek up to Logan and crashed at Bill and Angie’s house on thursday night where they made us to most awesome pre-race dinner.  Here  is a conversation that is very telling of what it was like:

Angie: I made you pasta and salad and green beans and breadsticks

Us: Pasta with Red AND White sauce?  Oh my gosh, Angie!  You did so much!

Angie: Well, if you went to a restaurant, you could have each chosen what you want so I wanted to give you options so everyone has something they want.  Speaking of which, Bill, can you go pull the lasagna out of the oven?


So staying at their house was awesome to say the least!  Best pre-Ragnar ever!!!

Brad doesn’t remember any Ragnar anecdotes, only pain!