I’m the Most OCD Nester Ever!

January 23, 2010

Look! I tagged this under a new category called “Joel”. Yay!

I don’t feel like I nested a lot with Kyle, it was like little by little we would accumulate what we needed, wash them, put batteries in them, and then be done, but man Joel, what are you doing to me? Buy ridiculous amounts of batteries? yup, that’s me (and I’m particularly feeling the absence of “C” batteries this morning, and by absence, I mean we have at least five), lightbulbs of all shapes and sizes?….check. AND, I’m pretty sure I afflicted my family with a really moody night last week caused by lack of organization for said lightbulbs and batteries. I’ve moved on to ridiculous amounts of toilet paper and laundry detergent. Do all of our hangars suddenly need to be uniform? You bet.




  1. I am so excited to have a Joel category!

  2. Now we know what to get you as a present:

  3. Baby Joel needs his C batteries, stat!! 🙂

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