Cute Things Kyle Has Said Lately

January 26, 2010

K: Nice song mommy!
T: Thanks Kyle! It’s about how I think you’re awesome!
K: Oh mom, Spiderman’s awesome too.

K: What is that lady doing?
T: She’s helping us because that’s what she does for work. Everybody works to help each other. Daddy works and helps people, then they give him money so we can buy the things we want and need.
K: Does Ashlyn’s daddy work?
T: Yup, lots of daddys work
K: And me and you just go to stores.

K: I’m happy when it’s raining.
T: That’s awesome Kyle! It’s good to be happy.
K: Yeah, I’m happy for raining…..parachuting…….trains



  1. Ha! Me and you just go to stores! That is really funny!

    All I can say is it must be nice to wake up and all you have to think about is what stores you want to go to. 🙂

  2. More please Kyle.. oh oh, can I make a book of Kyle?

  3. I miss that kid

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