March 12, 2007

My Videos

We just uploaded three videos onto Picasa.  We had an inspection today of our house and got a video of the interior.  The other two are of Kyle’s tricks.







  1. Sweet! And to think I spent hours on my video player… 😦

  2. But isn’t that so much more impressive to do it yourself? 🙂

  3. Kyle is tricky.

  4. i love the way he keeps smashing his face into the ground during tummy time! He looks like he loves it though!

  5. Yes, Darin, the Kecks descend from a long line of face smashers. 🙂

  6. You should see what Tracy could do at that age!

  7. Ha ha ha! Boy am I glad I married into this family! I can’t wait till our kids smash their faces!

  8. looks like a good house love the videos of kyle

  9. Hooray. 🙂

  10. Why is Kyle a bear?? Why not a frog or other lovable creature?

  11. Tiffany’s going to have to field that question.

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