Cool Pics

June 9, 2013

I finally got around to taking photos off the camera!

In the May album you can look forward to: Evan’s first bath! (he loved it!), Claire’s first bath! (she hated it…still does), a bunch of pictures of Claire in my favorite outfit of hers (from Melissa), and Kyle’s kindergarten graduation!

May 2013 Album

Don’t hold me to it, but I feel like it’d be so easy to fall into the sit at home taking care of babies trap, and who could blame me? But to make for a more fun summer for Kyle and Joel, I made a goal of one fun excursion per week and one craft per week. I think…I hope…I can manage that….right?

So in the June album (so far) you can look forward to: our trip to the aquarium (why yes I did take all four kids by myself! yay me!…well, and then Tracy came!), our craft of the week (dirt cups), and playing with bows with Claire

June 2013 Album

June 2013 Album



  1. What a fun surprise to see all these pictures! You sure have some beautiful children.

  2. I just love the pictures and can’t wait to get their and hold alllllll the kids.  You are amazing with all you do with all four in tow!

    I love you,


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