Thank Heaven for April!

April 1, 2013

April…it’s a good month.  One of the best in fact.  We get to start out the month with General Conference and (usually) Easter.  I was baptized in April, my dad’s birthday on the 13th, and I round out the month with our anniversary and related-when I went to the temple for the first time.  This year we’re going to add the birthday of our twins to the mix!  I’ve been looking forward to this month and trying my hardest to will the months to pass quickly since December.  When March started I felt true disdain for it.  How dare it not be April yet?!  AND it gave me the double whammy of being a 31 day month?  Was it trying to kid me?!?

So now it’s April and I’m super excited!  I’m 35 weeks and change which is when twins apparently start making an appearance.  The average gestation for twins (depending on where you look) is between 35 and 36 weeks and while I expect to go longer because I’ve never gone into labor without medicinal intervention, I have great hopes that I won’t be sitting here so large and uncomfortable within the next 3 weeks.

And since I’m relatively happy at the prospects of pregnancy being over and haven’t really talked about it a lot I thought I might as well record a little bit about it.

So twin pregnancy-it’s a beast.

Right now, my worst enemy is pants of any kind.  If we get home from somewhere and I get inside before Brad, I think he’s become accustomed to tripping over my pants on his way inside!  I’ve even reached a point where I curse my maternity pants.

Pants.  They are the worst.

Pants. They are the worst.

On the other side of the story, my favorite favorite favorite is the Black Bean Ravioli from Blue Lemon and I want it ALWAYS.  At least for me, with my pregnancies the general rule is that I have issues with food, but almost inevitably, some random dish will literally be one of the highlights of my pregnancy and this time, this is it:

Mmm!  It's tantalizing me with it's awesomeness!

Mmm! It’s tantalizing me with it’s awesomeness!

Ooh!  and my pregnancy lifesaver has been Vitamin D.  I truly felt like this pregnancy was killing me, like I was really truly slowly dying from it and I told my OB as much in January.  He did some labs and found out that I was vitamin D deficient and told me to start taking a supplement.  Holy cow!  I went from feeling dying to just feeling extremely pregnant and that’s a BIG difference.  Apparently vitamin D during pregnancy is getting more and more attention lately for all the benefits probably more for the mother but also for the baby.

If I had to describe the end of this pregnancy, it would be “Happy Hospital Fun Times!” with a roll of my eyes.  I spend two mornings a week at the hospital (except that one week when it was five) and one morning at the OB.  You see, you might have noticed in my last post that little girl has quite a bit more room than little boy.  She’s also 24% larger than he is, or was at my last ultrasound.  And it could be related.  it’s called Discordant Growth in twins.  When they’re fraternal twins with separate placentas it could be attributed to any number of factors: genetics, space in the womb, function of the placentas,…etc.  But in any case it’s one of those things that make it so you have to do twice weekly non-stress tests and they give you more frequent ultrasounds to moniter the discordance as well.  I’m also on a modified bed rest where I was basically told not to expend any energy that I don’t absolutely have to.  So our laundry permanently needs to be done and Brad’s doing the cooking.  Baby prep is at a halt.  We’ll just have to deal with all of it after the babies come.  I’ll probably be feeling better anyway.

Apart from that, I don’t sleep well at all and usually drift off by accident sometime during the day.  Then I just have to hope for the best as far as what the kiddies have been doing with that sudden freedom from supervision!  I hurt always, whether it’s ligament, nerve, or pelvic pain, there is always something going on down there.  I get out of breath really really easily.  And small walks, apart from hurting, also tend to make my heartrate skyrocket to around 130.  Luckily there’s an easy fix for that.  I’m up a little over 40 lbs! Yowza!  And these twins are liking to be little stinkers who don’t go head down (and in fact today at my non stress test they were remarking on how weirdly placed those babies are)  C-section in store for me?  Maybe. (grumble)

Not a super great picture of my belly, but what can I say?  I'm not wearing any pants.

Not a super great picture of my belly.

Now I’m using all my willpower/prayer power to get my water to break. Please please please!



  1. Thanks so much for posting! I love hearing all the details. I think you are doing wonderful and look fantastic! Hang in there!

  2. I love that you posted this! I’ve always wanted the inside scoop on a twin pregnancy! Congrats on the new additions, btw, I saw they came! YEAH!

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