Smarty Pants

January 6, 2011

Our just-turned-four-year-old might think the alphabet consists of the letters ello and menno but he knows his Revolutionary War history dang-it!

From December 2010

He can also tell you George Washington was the general of the army, that he crossed the Delaware, the name of the colonists submarine prototype was the Turtle, and that the Marquis de Lafayette was dressed like a girl when he snuck out of France to fight for the colonies.  On a good day he knows Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Now I know what you’re thinking….”what kind of mom decides her 3 year old needs to know about the Revolutionary War?”  The answer to that question is, not me, but Kyle’s been watching Liberty’s Kids on Netflix and LOVES them for the following reasons: guns, cannons, boats, soldiers, horses.



  1. This is hilarious! It’s funny to see what perks kids’ interest. We’ll have to check out Liberty’s Kids because my children know nothing of the sort!

  2. I want him to be my history teacher.

  3. I need birthday pictures! It is so long to wait until Thursday to see these boys in person.

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