July 25, 2010

Well we tried camping  for the first time as a family and it wasn’t too bad!  (even though I tried to sabotage the trip right from the beginning by forgetting the bug spray and baby carrier)  The Tetons were awesome!  We’ll probably go back there sometime, maybe for some boating.  They had a family discovery backpack we checked out which had supplies so we could cast an animal footprint with Kyle and do some painting, sketching, and journaling about our outdoor experiences.  That was a really cool.   They had some good trees Kyle liked to climb, he never really gets the chance to do something like that with the trees in UT.  We went on pretty much the perfect hike for our family where Kyle could hike by himself the whole way, it was relatively short and we passed rapids and streams, waterfalls, lake, climbing trees, and great views.  We went on a pioneer ferry across the snake river and I got to drive it.  The nights were not as fun because it got COLD, like in the thirties.  We decided because of that not to spend our last night camping and went home late in the afternoon on our third day.  It was a good decision for us because all we really missed was another cold night.  And Kyle decided he didn’t like roasted marshmallows… without ever having tried one of course.

July 2010


  1. I love this family! For some reason it just struck me that you are overrun by boys, Tiff. I think it is nice. I’m glad you guys had a good time!

  2. That sounds fun, how long was the drive there?

  3. I love the pictures and learning about the trip. I definitely want to camp with you someday.

  4. Drive was about six hours.

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