The Traveler In Me Won Again

July 17, 2010

Our tickets are bought and it’s official!  Come February, Brad and I will be off!

Four  nights in….

New Zealand!

Three nights in…


And two nights in…




  1. Wow! What an awesome adventure. But, let me ask you and I’m seriously not trying to be rude but I really want to know, how can you afford all of these amazing trips you go on? I feel like we’re barely squeaking by in this economy but would love to travel more, so if you have any tips or tricks for how to travel for less please share!

  2. Awesome! Wish we could come too… 🙂

  3. Dear Mary,
    Here are my top tips for cheap traveling:
    #1: This is by far the most important rule. Being inflexible with the destination is the number one way of spending too much on a vacation. Follow the great deals. If you had asked me two weeks ago if I was even considering a trip like this the answer would be no, then up popped a great deal where we got a free three night stopover in Tahiti complete with hotel with the purchase of a roundtrip ticket from LA to Auckland. That takes about $1000 right off the top of the trip. We have enough money in savings on top of our emergency fund to have the flexibility to jump on an offer like that. With Turkey, we went in the off season, saving us thousands of dollars between our flights and hotels.
    #2 Be an arm chair traveler. I go to travel sites daily. Just because I like too. But the best offers usually have severe time restrictions and they could come and go without you even knowing about them. For example, last year Jet Blue had a sale where you could fly anywhere in the US one-way on Halloween for $31, a screaming deal, but the date of travel was obviously limited, and they only allowed people to purchase tickets at that rate for 2 days. They had another deal where you could fly wherever you want whenever you want for a whole month for $300 but they were only allowing people to purchase that deal for a day.

    My favorite travel site is Conde Nast’s Deal of the Day.

    Apart from that, we have no debt apart from our home, save 10% and put 10% in retirement. We live on a fairly tight budget. I’ve asked myself so many times when people buy things how they can possibly afford it because we wouldn’t be able to. There’s a reason I’ve never been to one of your book parties, and that’s because we never have the budget. I’ve realized that people have different priorities when it comes to their money, and mine is travel.

    Also, you mentioned the economy….you know we bought our homes at a bad time, it’s easy to feel like a victim of the economy, which is why I like to take advantage of it in other ways. The travel industry is suffering just like everything else, which means great deals are more abundant than they would be in less troubled times. I also buy cheap stock. That way it feels like I might not be able to buy a house twice as nice for the same price I paid, but at least I’m getting some great trips, and (hopefully) a great cash payout on our stocks when it’s over.

  4. wow! Lucky you! I’m so jealous!!!!

  5. Wow! I want you to be my tutor for finding deals like that. We would LOOOVE to travel more. Are you taking the boys with you? Now that we’re a little more moved in and finally semi-decorated, we’d love to have you come over sometime. Would some weekend work well for you?

  6. Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely say this, people spend their time (and money) on what hobbies/interests they love most (scrapbooking, reading, golfing, etc.) and for you it’s travel and that is awesome. I’m going to check out that travel website and keep an eye out for great deals. Also, we should chat sometime about your time in San Francisco. We may be going out there sometime in the next few months and I’d love to talk with someone who has lived there.

  7. Tiffany-How fun! It look beautiful. What a fun adventerous thing for you guys to get to go do together. I’m sure you will have a blast. I’m sure the hard part will be waiting that long to go. I need your email so I can let you know when we go do fun things. We went to the splash park last week and I realized I didn’t have your email. Sorry.

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