The Movie Anastasia

June 8, 2010

just wouldn’t be the same without a wrench up your nose.

Here are our Picasa Albums for May and June So far

Also, Joel has always seemed like such a chunk but at his four month check up he came in at 37th for weight and 55th for height!  I guess when baby number one always came in at around 4th it messes with your perception.  In case you notice in the Picasa Albums and are wondering…. yes, Joel does mutilate himself.  The doctor is sending us to a dermatologist for him because of his extensive skin issues.   😦


One comment

  1. I miss me some Kecks. Wish we could come over and shoot off fireworks with you guys this Saturday.

    I’m going to have to give the wrench-up-the-nose thing a try. I bet it enhances the viewing experience for many many films. 🙂

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