Disney World!

November 10, 2009
Disney World 09

Are you surprised we went to Disney World last week?  We are!  It was very impromptu and we didn’t tell very many people since it sounds pretty weird, you know, “Brad was laid off a month ago so now we’re going to Disney World!”  especially when the economy has so many people struggling to find work.  But we did.  We booked the trip when Brad accepted a job offer and we were looking at a month and a half of essentially paid vacation, along with the fact that Brad’s parents would be there for part of the time we would be there, and it’s warm there.

We had a great time at Disney World!  We were concerned that Kyle wouldn’t do too well.  We thought he might be too young and a little intimidated.  Apparently a lot of kids act up at Disney World because of sensory overload and long days.  But Kyle did awesome!  He did get pretty tired.  When we got to the airport today coming home, Kyle asked me if we could go to Disney World tomorrow!  He was really cute!  Too bad he wont remember the trip when he’s older.  And thank goodness….Brad had a good time too, which is always questionable when it comes to spending large amounts of money on travel. 😉

Oh!  and Brad and I put ourselves in a video game at Epcot.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out



  1. I’m so glad you had a great time and great weather and great company! (But I wish I was there)

  2. Played your video game…how fun!

  3. The pictures are great. We had so much fun with you. We have played the video game and love it.

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