Meet Our New Houseguests!

April 28, 2009

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted, with good reason….my computer crashed!  We’ve been working to get everything back on the computer, including my passwords which I was foolish enough not to have kept anywhere but on the computer!  Now that I’m back, I want you to meet our new houseguests…









 Isn’t it adorable?  Don’t worry, the mother returned to the nest even though I was up there snooping around!

And here’s the kid…












And here’s our Easter Album…

Easter 09

The little stinker woke up and went straight down stairs to open his easter basket before any of us were awake!



  1. Wow! That is adorable. Some bird was trying to make a nest in our wreath but I don’t think it was working out for them very well, so we took the wreath down.

  2. cute little blu-ish eggs! fun.

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