Backlog of Pictures

December 11, 2008

Edit 12/13: I just put more pictures in the December 08 album from our trip to Temple Square yesterday!

Karon and I went to Gardner Village with the kids today to see the elves and when I decided to get the pictures off of my camera, I realized that I had pictures from October that I had been neglecting!  So here are three new picasa albums!  Sorry.

October 08
November 08
December 08


  1. Never apologize for putting pictures. I loved them. you should try to get you and Brad in the pictures more often. Some of my favorites are when he is dancing with the tree, watching General conference, finger painting in the BYU shirts, and saying cheese. I love the curly hair too. I can’t wait to see him and you in a few days.

  2. This looks like a great family trip, even though Kyle didn’t look very happy to go in the first picture. You put pictures of Mom and Dad. Hooray! I like Brad’s haircut. You both look great. That is a good family picture by the tree.

  3. Hi to Brad, Tiffany and kyle,
    Everyone looks fine and fit. Kyle is really growing fast. Is momk spoiling him? Well that is what grandparents are for. payback!
    We are doing well except Catherine has an absessed tooth right now. So I am the nurse.
    I am glad to hear that Tracy is getting along well and that all of you have helped her.
    Boy, that was some ditch Brad. Do you have more to dig? You will have to get dad out there and help you.
    Good to see your pictures.
    We love you and keep you in our prayers.
    Grandpa Keck

  4. Hi Grandpa! Thanks for the update. No more digging for that project; it’s all done. Now I’m dealing with fixing a leaky roof and caved in ceiling. 😦 I would love to have dad to help with that one, but I’ll just have to do the best I can! 🙂

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