Inadvertently Metro

November 6, 2008

So Old Navy was having a sale a couple months back and I got Kyle a couple pairs of jeans.  I realized the first time I put this pair on him that they’re bootcut!  I totally ordered Kyle girls jeans!  And I don’t know how it happened because I never once had a reason to go drifting over to the baby girls section online.  I realized today, though, that if you pair it with a nice retro shirt, he kind of has that look going for him that seems popular with guy movie stars right now!   We’re totally ahead of our time!  By accident of course.


Heck Yeah!



  1. D’oh!

  2. He looks very hip and stylish and not like a girl at all. I looked at toddler jeans today and couldn’t be sure if they were for boys or girls, so I didn’t buy any!

  3. Men wear boot cut jeans! I looked it up.

  4. Tiff Love,
    Boot cut jeans come in styles for BOTH guys and girls. So sleep soundly; Your boy won’t waddle the streets looking like a cross dresser.
    Love you and miss you and wish your folks hadn’t moved from Spokane because that’s where I’ll be this Christmas. Love you anyway.
    Abby Nordstrom Thuet

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