October 31, 2008

I finished off the halloween album with pictures of the big event!

Halloween 08

We went trick or treating at Brad’s work from 3-4:30 during the day.  It was super fun!  and Kyle became a pro at saying thank you for all his candy so when the actual trick or treating happened, he was the most polite kid on the block!  We went trick or treating with Lindsey, Evelynn, and Michael.  It was so wonderful to be able to go trick or treating with friends!  Evelynn was way more interested in rocks and flowers than any candy, which was too bad because Kyle kept wanting to share his with her!  They were so darling to watch trick or treating!  Kyle knocked on the doors and everything!  And given the choice, he always goes for the suckers!



  1. Kyle looks adorable. I’m impressed that you got him to say thank you. Ashlyn said it maybe twice. Also, she always picked the suckers too!

  2. The little trick or treaters are my favorite. Dad and I sat out on the porch to distribute the candy. I loved the little ones! Thank you is very sweet on the ears. Kyle is my favorite lion.

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