Brad’s Mosaic

October 9, 2008

1. 1333 Fantastic in the morning, 2. Hiding low to the highland cow!!, 3. long and tall, 4. lonely planet – Maldives, 5. ViS A ViS?! = Ana Side, 6. The One Who Liveth In My Milk, 7. The arrival of a rainstorm, 8. Apple Pie, 9. Four Screen Desktop, 10. Tiffany & Co. Ledger in basement of Keck Museum, 11. duck to duck to duck…, 12. Mmmmm, tasty! errr… say ♥_♥ ba-na-nas? okay, now throw me another banana!…♫♫ wildlife from bali ♫

Brad’s Answers: 1)Brad  2)Steak  3)Pine Forest High School 4)Blue  5)Every hottest one  6)Milk  7)Tropical  8)Apple Pie  9)Computer Programmer 10)Tiffany Keck  11)Brad  12)Don’t have one

Now this isn’t a tag or anything, but there are plenty of people whose mosaics I would love to see, so think about playing around and making one!


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