Basketball Star

October 3, 2008

Around May, I bought a Little Tykes basketball hoop that we’re giving to Kyle for Christmas and I have to say way to go me!  Because I totally called it and this kid loves basketball!  No matter where we go, he will manage to find a basketball hoop and start pointing and yelling “basket!”  (it sounds more like “bucket”).  He even did it in the middle of Church.  I think I saw people laughing up to six rows back.  Driving on Bangerter Highway passing an industrial area and the backboard of a hoop is showing about six inches above the cement walls, and we start to hear “bucket!  bucket!”  from the back seat.  Here are a few pictures we took last night of Kyle playing with Brad’s basketball.



  1. How does he look so much more grown up holding a basketball? He even has his game face on in a couple. I am glad he still likes to put on big shoes and that you got a picture of Brad in there too. so very cute. He is a Basketball Jones!

  2. That’s my boy!

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