August 18, 2008

How does this kid even know how mascara works?



  1. He learned it from his Dad. And this photo proves it:


    Yeah, I got a lot of free time since I finished my thesis.

  2. Sternum Puncher… you need a hobby. A hobby that isn’t messing around in photoshop. :p

  3. I think it’s so awesome!

  4. I just found out this weekend that sometimes my 3 yr old goes to school with blush on… he goes into our bedroom and watches my wife put on makeup… she admitted that every now and then she stoops over and brushes it on him. He thinks it’s funny, he is doing what grown ups do, I cringe… now when he comes home with rosy cheeks i’ll have to make him drink a beer to earn back some man points.

  5. Oh my goodness! Even with mascara on he still looks cute.

  6. keck…the blonde hair and makeup really suit you. but seriously, what’s with kids getting into stuff that they’re not supposed to just because they see us doing it? It’s like…don’t they know that they’re children and the stuff’s not for them? (megan did the same thing with nail polish the other day…except it was all over her toes…and our floor. awesome. now I know i should hide the mascara too. 🙂 )

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