Kyle and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

June 5, 2008

Well, we had kind of a nasty day today!  Around 10:30 this morning, I was folding laundry on our bed and Kyle was playing on the bed with the pile of clean clothes.  He stood up on the bed, tripped or something, and face planted into our headboard, gashing his head right along his eyebrow!  I ran him over to our medicine closet, grabbed a cleansing wipe and started to try and clean it.  Blood was pooling up everywhere, and it got all over our wall.  Kyle refused to let me clean it, so I held him down while I stuck a big bandaid on it, and left for the doctor.  Well it turns out that Kyle needed four stitches.  Awesome. 😦  They sedated him, which was kind of scary.  He kept staring at me weirdly, or he would stare somewhere else and then suddenly start screaming and arching his back.  The doctor said it was normal, and I was warned before hand that he would act strange, but it was still scary.  And the worst part is, Kyle’s body just didn’t react well to it and he was never fully sedated, so they went ahead and started stitching him up anyway!  I had to hold his arms during the procedure.  Around the third stitch, I started feeling really hot and sick in my stomach, around the fourth stitch, I was seeing things, and hit the floor so I wouldn’t faint.  It was a horrible 3-hour doctor visit, but we made it through, and Kyle took a two hour recovery nap.  He’s still a little tipsy, though, poor guy!



  1. Oh no! My poor baby boy.


  2. Sorry about the rough day. I’m not looking forward to ER visits. Hopefully he feels better soon!! (for his sake and yours!!)

  3. Uhh I’m really sorry for Kyle and all, but more than that I’m confused about the picture you linked to, Brad. What the football player?

  4. Oh the poor poor baby! I can deal with the injury and the stitches, it is thinking about the whole ordeal in the doctor’s office that makes me cringe. and the poor poor mama too! Wouldn’t you so much rather have to go through pain than to see your child have to, Tiffany? How is he doing today?

  5. Oh my goodness! I hope he’s feeling better today.

  6. yikes scary glad he’s all better now

  7. The picture is for Mom and Dad, Tracy. It involves clever wordplay.

  8. I totally got it. Kyle got a Boomer.

  9. Wow, drama! Get better soon Kyle!

  10. Was the bruising from this fall or a previous one? I know he got bruised at our house. How do babies’ foreheads ever survive?

  11. Kyle’s doing pretty good! He doesn’t even notice the piece of tape on his eyebrow, so that’s nice. I’d hate to have him scratching at it all the time. The higher bruise is from earlier in the week, but around the piece of tape, it’s just iodine.

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