I’m an American Girl

May 27, 2008

Brad might cringe when he sees this post, but I LOVE American Girl Dolls!  I grew up with Felicity and Samantha, and I’m thinking, once a fan, always a fan.  That’s why I dragged Brad into the American Girls Store on Fifth Avenue when we were in New York where I saw their newest historical character, Julie, from the 1970s.  I love love love her!  I think she’s awesome!  Even as an adult, if I received her for Christmas, I would be one happy girl.  Isn’t she just divine?



  1. Her clothes cost more than mine do. :p

  2. Girls over 16 don’t get dolls for Christmas… they get babies.

  3. How do they get that dog to stay in her armpit like that? Impressive.

  4. You’re never too old for an American Girl doll 🙂 I got Josephina just a couple years ago.

  5. Where do you keep that hidden, mom?

  6. You know two people named “Mom” who comment on this website.

  7. Oh wow. That was confusing!

  8. Very understandable. I will put MomK from now on.

  9. Momk! That’s fun to say. 🙂

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