A Little Bit O’Kyle

April 14, 2008

Edit: I added some new pictures of Kyle that I promised to take this week! This is one of my favorites:

It’s like a supermodel pose!  He’s trying to show off that sexy belly!  He lifts up his shirt and points to his belly when ever we ask, “Where’s your belly?”  It’s super cute

I thought it was about time for some new pictures so I’ll take my camera with me wherever we go this week!  Kyle’s taken to taking off his shirt and climbing on the table.  If he finds a way up there, he’ll climb up and whine for me to take him down so he can climb up again, for hours.  What in the world?

16th Month


  1. I love when kids do something and then they cry until you help them…and then they do it again. And by love I mean…think its silly and they should just not do that thing. 🙂 Megan’s really been into that with closing doors to rooms lately. The problem is, she can’t open the door back up…so she cries until I open it and two seconds later…its closed again. You gotta love it.

    Anyway, we’re going to be in Utah just for a quick trip over the 4th of July for a family reunion in Park City…but maybe we can all meet up at J-Dawg’s or something one day! (and Smart Cookie afterwards…) 🙂

  2. Yeah, Kyle totally did the closing door thing too. (Still does occasionally.)

  3. These are great pictures once again. Yay for having your camera out. the shirtless ones on the table are funny. I like how relaxed he is in his car seat. The park looks fun. What temple is that? And how fun that you get to see the Baughs!

  4. Apparently shirt-taking-off is an inheritable trait. I think between the ages of 2 and 7, Brad wore a shirt maybe three times total.

  5. Also, I’m so jealous that the weather is good enough that Kyle can wear shorts and a t-shirt! I’m DONE with winter!

  6. I always feel at a loss for words when you post pictures, becuase they are all so great and I am so thankful to see them. Tracy and I talked about them so I thought I would post our comments:

    Keck8000: what about new kyle pictures
    meet you at 7: I didn’t see them!
    Keck8000: there are lots
    Keck8000: of cute ones
    Keck8000: I need him
    meet you at 7: you get to see him so soon
    Keck8000: the pictures are so so cute
    meet you at 7: I’m reading the Office quotes people have put first
    meet you at 7: then will look at the pictures
    meet you at 7: what about this working on the computer!
    Keck8000: with a pacifier
    meet you at 7: oh they went to the aquarium!
    Keck8000: those are two ages that don’t mix
    meet you at 7: or maybe the Bean museum
    Keck8000: I think it is thanksgiving point, don’t you
    meet you at 7: ohh yeah probably
    meet you at 7: duh
    meet you at 7: what are two ages that don’t mix?
    Keck8000: pacifier using and computer proficiency
    meet you at 7: ohh
    Keck8000: for a little joke
    Keck8000: I don’t care he still has one
    meet you at 7: he is the cutest cutest
    meet you at 7: what about how he knows his belly
    Keck8000: that makes me happy
    Keck8000: I am going to ask him all his stuff
    meet you at 7: he knows his belly and shoes and bye bye
    meet you at 7: he says bye bye always now
    Keck8000: his nose his eyes etc
    meet you at 7: when I say bye bye he starts waving and says bye bye back
    Keck8000: i love when he kim chi squats
    Keck8000: he isn’t even afraid of the shark
    meet you at 7: I love that too
    meet you at 7: I need to come to Virginia when he is there
    Keck8000: and look how he can go up that step in picture 71
    meet you at 7: yes he is a good stepper
    Keck8000: look at that precious face in 76
    Keck8000: it is cute when he is wiith Ashlyn
    meet you at 7: I am finding 76
    meet you at 7: yes they are buddies
    Keck8000: he is so serious in 84
    meet you at 7: what about his excited face in 88
    Keck8000: so cute
    Keck8000: I like how his little legs look in 92
    Keck8000: what about 96?
    meet you at 7: too cute
    Keck8000: 103
    Keck8000: I could just write every number
    meet you at 7: what about being a plumber in 101
    Keck8000: haha
    Keck8000: look at ashlyn reading – that is so cute
    meet you at 7: yeah I love that one
    Keck8000: and then the next picture of Kyle showing the brochure

  7. I’m glad you like the pictures so much. Maybe I had better look at them!

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