March Madness

March 18, 2008

Well, since Tiffany has posted TWICE today already, I figured I’d chime in and totally bombard our site with new content.  I’ll be quick, though.  I went ahead and made a group for March Madness brackets over at Yahoo.  I made a silly bracket that I don’t expect to get many points, but figured I’d let anybody else who wants to join in do so.  The nice thing about this kind of “fantasy sport” is that you just have to make your picks once and then not fiddle with it again.

Here’s the link

Group ID: 145822
Password: ncaa



  1. I can’t figure out how to join! Walk me through it.

  2. I joined. And I’m commenting. I’ll give you a hint for your own bracket…it’s all about Western Kentucky.

  3. I joined your group Keck. Hopefully I win. j/k I don’t know anything about college basketball this year.

  4. Hooray for people joining. I’m betting you’ll all beat me, unless some weird stuff goes down. 😉

    Mom, I assume you clicked on the link labeled “Here’s the link”. This should take you to a page asking for a group ID and password. There you can enter the group ID and password above. However, if you don’t have a yahoo account, you’ll need to get one of those first. I assume if you don’t have one, it will prompt you to create one or something when you go to the link. Just follow the instructions. I don’t really know what all it will make you do. If you can’t figure it out, have dad help you, or maybe I can talk you through it on the phone later or something.

  5. I decided to go for it. Aren’t you proud of me?

  6. Good job, mom! 🙂

  7. I love your bracket Keck. Jaime and I were just discussing last night that we should have a march madness bracket competition to see who can get the least points. It looks like you beat us to the punch.

  8. Whatever Sternum Puncher. Who picked Kansas St. to win? Oh yeah, that was me. Not you. I bet you feel stupid now.

  9. Just out of curiosity, are people able to see this bracket?


  10. Yes I can see that bracket.

  11. That’s my other one. Just didn’t know if you could see brackets in other groups.

    Anyway, I bet there aren’t many people who picked Western Kentucky to be playing San Diego! :p

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