Home Improvement Project #4

March 8, 2008


In preparation for our new car that we’re getting NEXT SATURDAY!, we completed home improvement project number #4 which is a new garage door opener!  Now both of our garage doors are set up.  Brad did most of the work but Kyle insisted on helping and went into tantrums if we weren’t outside with daddy!  An extra bonus about our newer model is that we can program both doors onto the garage door openers and the keypad which was a nice surprise.  Check out the pictures from the project and the dinosaur museum on picasa! 

Kyle has also gotten really good at drinking out of normal cups, thankfully he still takes his sippy, but we have a hard time keeping our cups away from him!  I caught it on video!  Check it out!



  1. Helping Daddy. I love it. Soon he will be able to hold the flashlight. The dinosaur museum looks so fun, and I am proud of Brad for installing the garage door opener. Drinking out of the cup is impressive too.

  2. Luckily there was enough light in the garage that I didn’t need Kyle to hold a flashlight for me. 🙂

  3. When did you guys go the dinosaur museum? We took Margaret there yesterday and had lots of fun. Do you guys have a pass? We’re thinking of getting one because Thanksgiving point has so many fun things. It will be a great place to go during the summer.

  4. I’m glad to see Kyle is representing his Korean heritage with a beautifully performed kimchee squat.

  5. He’s so cute, thanks for posting

  6. Tracy, I really hate to break this to you, but you guys living in Korea for a couple years doesn’t really give Kyle any “Korean heritage”. :p

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