Photos and Videos

February 23, 2008

Kyle has been doing lots of great things lately!  We haven’t gotten everything on video but we had a lucky night last night and got alot.  He’s been walking in our shoes and he’s learned to push himself along on his riding toy.  He learned that the light turns on when he flips the switch and screams at it every time!  It’s super cute! Probably my favorite is he’s started doing this shrug sort of thing and a questioning sound when he doesn’t know where something is.  The video that highlights that is a treasure trove of new things as he did a little knee walk that was new to us last night! And he did his backwards crawling! Check it out!

15th Month Videos

I also started a 15th month photo album.  The majority is of Kyle with his first ever stuffed animal that I bought for him the day he was being extra cute because I felt like spoiling him a little.  It’s a puppy.

15th Month


  1. He loves that puppy! The pictures are so cute. We will try to get him to bond with some of our stuffed animals when he is here. You could make a little story about how you need to watch your step, because Kyle will walk in your shoes. I loved all four videos. He is growing up! He is getting a lot of hair in the back. Thanks for posting!

  2. Did you notice Blue Steel in picture 10?

  3. It is weird to hear “American Pie presents the Naked Mile” in the background of video 3.

  4. Sorry about that. Commercial during the Colbert Report.

  5. I knew it was a commercial. it was just weird. You have a seriously cute little boy though.

  6. The light switch video rules… a lil girly of a scream but that’s ok

  7. GAH! I have yet to encounter someone who is immune to the cuteness of that video. It is hilARious.

  8. I mean even like people who hate puppies like that video.

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