February 18, 2008

Wow!  We haven’t had a lot of new pictures lately!  I’ve been taking a lot less because there’s not a lot going on and I don’t take out the camera much “just because”  but Kyle is being so cute and pretty much awesome today I just can’t get enough!  So now that we have a few pictures, still not many, I can post a new 14th month album!

14th Month


  1. I needed these new pictures! Thanks for posting them. Does Kyle have a goose egg on his forehead? I love the ones in the laundry basket the most.

  2. Yeah, he’s pretty dang cute. I might eat him the next time I see him.

  3. He had a pretty large bruise a couple weeks ago from slipping in the shower. The laundry ones are my favorite too. I know it’s cheating since he’s technically in his 15th month now, but I added a few more pictures of him trying to feed himself.

  4. He is getting pretty good with that spoon. the only way to learn is to keep on trying! Now today he has a red eye. Being a toddler is dangerous, isn’t it? Of course he is still adorable.

  5. You’re right, still totally adorable. I sure hope I’m currently making one so cute!

  6. The laundry pictures are really cute. It was way fun to see because in some of those pictures he looks just like Keck, but in some he totally looks like you Tiff. That’s fun. Everyone says that Megan just looks like Brian. Oh well. 🙂

    You’re brave to let him feed himself with no bib on the floor. Megan’s big into dumping her bowl on herself or on her high chair when she’s done eating. We’re still working on that…

  7. They think he looks like Baugh, huh? Well, I have to say, from seeing pictures of your family, I’ve always thought that Megan looks like a Monson.

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