Free Photo Session

January 29, 2008

Yesterday I decided to take Kyle to the University Mall to kill a little bit of time.  I was letting him walk around and explore while I followed along behind.  It was a pretty slow day and a lot of workers were hanging around, watching movies on their computers or talking outside their stores.  Kyle walked over to  Kiddie Kandids where two girls were hanging out and they said he was such a cute baby and they’d love to take his picture and give me a free 8×10.  I told them I wasn’t prepared to buy anything, and they said it was no problem.  So I did it!  They were really cute with Kyle I thought and we both had a great time.  Since we just have our one 8×10 though, we wont be giving any pictures out.  So here are a few they sent me in an email for your enjoyment!

kiddie-kandids-3.jpg   kiddie-kandids-2.jpg   kiddie-kandids-1.jpg



  1. Oh! They’re just precious. I especially love the last one – he looks so grown up.

  2. he is the most talented (and cutest) model i have ever seen!

  3. Man I am SO PROUD of Kyle for being so hot that people in the mall want to take pictures of him for free. Way to go little man!

  4. Wow! What a fun outing! He looks so cute in the pictures. We actually just got Margaret’s birthday picture done at Kiddie Kandids this past weekend. I think they do a really good job.

  5. What very cute pictures and you weren’t even planning on it! Maybe that is the way to go. I am trying to decide which one I like best, but they are all so cute.

  6. Tiffany chose the middle one to actually get a print of, so that must have been her favorite. 🙂

  7. Love all the pictures,,,,,,, stories,,,,,, rug,,,,, and you all!

  8. SOOOOOOOO CUTE! I can’t decide either!

  9. That’s way fun and the pictures are super cute. I need to walk around the mall more often…. 🙂

  10. Good thing he was wearing such a cute outfit! I like the ladder one best, although now you’re going to be having bad luck (I think that’s how the superstition goes)… 😉

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