Party Recap

December 11, 2007
Twelfth Month

Kyle was so cute at his Birthday Party!  Thank you to everyone who came and made it a success!  My favorite part was when he ate his cupcake.  We were scared he wouldn’t even eat it at first, but when he decided to go for it, he took an entire half and just held it to his mouth gnawing at it until it was gone!  He loved the bows on his presents the most.  Check out the photos, and some Christmas ones I took, that we added to his twelfth month album!

On an unrelated note, Congratulations to Erica for being accepted to BYU!



  1. I have been hoping for these pictures all day! Thanks for getting them up. I love the reindeer pajamas. The cupcake looks delicious. It looks like the busy ball popper was the hit of the party. Those are three cute babies. Didn’t Luke want to play?

    I am very excited to see you next week. And of course, we are all so happy for Erica.

  2. Yay this party was so fun and Kyle is the cutest cupcake eater and Erica is a Cougar!

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