Did I say Thursday? :)

December 5, 2007

I meant we’re going to have a party for Kyle on MONDAY!  How foolish of me!  So Monday, December 10th will be Kyle’s birthday party at 6:30pm.  We’ll have pizza for dinner and cake for everybody.  We hope you can come!  Leave us a comment to RSVP or we’ll hunt you down for an answer.



  1. We’ll be there!

  2. Fortunately I have no social life so I am always available. Monday it is!

  3. So is that pizza for you and cake for us or pizza and cake for all of us? Either way, we’ll be there (as far as Pace knows)

  4. The Payne’s (all three) will be there…I don’t know if Luke will want any cake though…

  5. If our cake isn’t good enough for Luke, then he can’t come!! 😛

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