It’s Party Time!

December 3, 2007


Kyle is turning one, and we’re having a party for his first birthday ever!  Come on Thursday, December 13th at 6:30 pm (no excuses for you BYU students, I know that’s your last day of class) for cake, refreshments and great times with friends and family.  Leave a comment and RSVP here, or we’ll assume you never saw the post and corner you on the phone!



  1. I like Kyle’s facial expression in that picture; it seems to be saying, “bring me a present this big, or don’t come at all!” Just kidding of course. I will be there and I can’t wait!

  2. Oh, how I would love to be there, but of course I won’t. Make sure you take lots of pictures.

  3. Dang Kyle, why’d you have to have a bday party on the busiest weekend for Christmas parties! We won’t be there, we’ve already committed to a work party. But we will babysit on the 18th

  4. Oh, that’s a already overbooked night for us too, I am teaching at the quarterly enrichment, I can’t get out of that! I can’t believe how much he is walking!

  5. Aw, that is the cutest photo of Kyle! He is a much better model than Chase is (what with the whole smiling thing and all).

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