This Kid and Getting Into Stuff!

November 7, 2007

So I’m pretty sure that Kyle has started spending a fifth of his day in our magazine basket.  He’s recently taken to sitting in his toy basket too.  Tonight, Brad and I were on the computer, and when we went to check on Kyle, he had almost emptied my dresser drawer and filled it with…you guessed it, himself.
img_0460.jpg  img_0462.jpg



  1. I wonder what the fascination is with getting in things. It sure is cute though.

  2. He’s a goofball.

  3. Well let’s just be realistic here who doesn’t love getting into things? I mean if I see a box or a cupboard that is big enough for an almost 5 foot 10 girl, I am IN it no questions asked.

  4. Ahem, isn’t there some exciting news to be announced here?

  5. Eh, Kyle’s been taking a few steps here and there, I guess.

  6. video video I want video

  7. There’s no video. He doesn’t do it much. Sorry. 😦

  8. Eventually he wil walk more, and there will be video, and then I want to see it.

  9. OK.

  10. Where did these flowers come from?!!! 😦

  11. they probably appear when it is too long between posts

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