Kyle Models Our New Rocking Bench

October 15, 2007




  1. That is very nice1 i can’t wait to rock in it. of course with the little model.

  2. You guys found a good looking bench! Where did you end up getting it?

  3. It was at RC Willey and cheaper than anything we could find on amazon. Quite a happy surprise.

  4. Nice, is it in the front? or back?

  5. Front.

  6. Pleeeease put up that video of Kyle laughing at Brad’s feet in the rocking horse because that was the cutest and most hilarious thing ever!

  7. Now, did you have to buy the baby seperately, or was it a package deal?

  8. Separate. He was few hundred dollars. :p

  9. A new title for this could be Kyle Rocks our new Modeling Bench.

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