Our Yellowstone Trip!

October 14, 2007

Brad took a long weekend and we went on a trip to Yellowstone with our friends Jaime and Josh!  We had a really great trip, but the good times were somewhat tempered by Kyle’s nights from Hades.  For some reason he kept waking up and screaming starting between one and four and he could not be consoled.  Yellowstone, though, was fantastic!  We saw everything we wanted to see and more!  We started out at The Bear and Wolf Discovery Center.  Then we went to Upper Geyser Basin where we saw Old Faithful, Morning Glory Pool, and lots of other Geysers.  On Saturday we went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and took a short but steep hike down to the brink of Lower Falls.  Next we went to Mud Volcano where we saw some fun mud formations, like the Churning Cauldron which bubbled over with mud (we have a video), spewing it everywhere, and Dragons lair, which was a rock that had dark water coming out of it.  It sounded like a dragon, and the steam looked dragon-like.  We checked out Midway Geyser Basin to see the Grand Prismatic Spring, which was the biggest disappointment of the trip since the boardwalk didn’t provide a good view and it was covered in steam, and went to the Fountain Paint Pot which was one of our favorites.  It was a pool of white-ish mud that bubbled these large, white, softball size bubbles that were really fun (we have a video of this too).  Since we had extra time, we went to Mammoth Springs to check out the terraced hot springs.  And that was our trip in a paragraph!  We also stopped by Logan on Thursday night to see the Bill and Angie Petersons.  We always have a lot of fun at their house.  It’s one of our favorite things!  Check out our pictures!  There are a lot of them.

Yellowstone Trip

We also updated the tenth month album.



  1. This looks like a great trip. I love Yellowstone. Sorry about Kyle’s bad nights. Thanks for posting all the pictures.

  2. What was Kyle doing driving a car?! That is very dangerous. I’ll call you Britney Spears.

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